A utility class for finding types in various asssembly.

namespace Sirenix.Utilities
public static class AssemblyUtilities


Namespace: Sirenix.Utilities
Assembly: Sirenix.OdinInspector

Static Methods

Return Type Definition Description
ImmutableList<Assembly> GetAllAssemblies() Gets an ImmutableList of all assemblies in the current AppDomain.
Type GetType(string) Gets the type.
Type GetTypeByCachedFullName(string) Gets the type.
IEnumerable<Type> GetTypes(AssemblyTypeFlags) Get types from the current AppDomain with a specified AssemblyTypeFlags filter.
void Reload() Re-scans the entire AppDomain.

Extension Methods

Return Type Definition Description
string GetAssemblyDirectory(this Assembly) Gets the full file path to a given assembly.
string GetAssemblyFilePath(this Assembly) Gets the full directory path to a given assembly.
AssemblyTypeFlags GetAssemblyTypeFlag(this Assembly) Gets the AssemblyTypeFlags for a given assembly.
bool IsDependentOn(this Assembly, Assembly) Determines whether an assembly is depended on another assembly.
bool IsDynamic(this Assembly) Determines whether the assembly module is a of type ModuleBuilder.